Get your hands on tested and proven techniques to keep in mind when selling!

Well wait no more...

After 20+ years within the sales and services sector, I have come across some of the most amazing and challenging phases in my life. From door-to-door sales in the streets of London, to being able to sell dozens of private labeled food and supplement products to over 20 famous stores in Norway, I have a few techniques that I use that I will share with you.

What do I highlight in this eBook?


How should you communicate with your customer and what to keep in mind when you are in the process.


Everyone has difficult customers one time or the other. I have pointed out certain ways as to how you can deal with them.


How do you get a customer from a "maybe" mindset to a "yes", making you more cash for your products or services in the long run!


Does a certain body posture mean more sales? Or is it just standing like a robot and talking that would do the trick?


We all have competitors, but how do we go on without thinking too much about them?


What is it that destroys a sale? Is there something you do that makes a customer not want to buy from you?

Below are some of the testimonials!

“The Invincible Seller is a masterpiece of Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience."

Sarwar T.

“Lots of the things in the eBook were a non-brainer, but Wakas very neatly weaved the topics together to remind us what we often forget. "

Gustav E.

“Wakas shares practical advice, strategies and skills which can be applied to the real world. Highly recommended!"

Ayaz M.

The Ebook was very nice and neat pointing out towards the things that we often come across when standing face to face with a customer. "

Emanuelle F.

“Wakas's relevant expertise and experience made me access to a lot of useful information and saved me a lot of time. "

Khalid Y.

“Outstanding book with tips and techniques that we forget most of the times when dealing with customers."

Raymond C.

Still wondering why you should get this ebook?

I have jotted down in this ebook what I keep in mind when selling, or what I do before I even think about the process.

Here are some of the things you will find in the ebook.

  • Body language : What does your body language say?​
  • Sale-killers : What can kill a sale right there and then?
  • Competition : Is there a thing called good competition?
  • Testimonials : How much of a difference do they make?